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Our research on personal insolvency matters in cross-border perspective

Personal Insolvency Law in Practice, by Susan Morgan, Neil Smyth, John Tribe. Publisher: Jordan Publishing, March 2013.

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International Corporate Rescue, editor-in-chief: Mark Fennessy, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe (Europe) LLP. Publisher: Chase Cambria Publishing.

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Our Fees

Key information about our services and fees:

We can only assist people who already live in England and Wales or who are going to relocate to England and Wales.

If you have debt problems there are various options available to help you make an informed choice. We can provide information and advice in relation to debt solutions available in England and Wales. There is no charge for the initial financial review and initial advice over the phone. However, if you decide to go ahead with our bankruptcy assistance service fees will be payable. Click here for further details on our fees.

You have a 14 days cooling off period from the commencement of our service. If you decide to cancel the service during this time, we will refund you any fees paid to us by you for the service.

If you are made bankrupt, your property and assets could be at risk and your credit rating will severely be affected for six years. Click here for details on bankruptcy restrictions.

For further information about bankruptcy we recommend the Insolvency Service’s booklet “Guide to bankruptcy”. The Insolvency Services also produces a guide which explains the various debt solution options. You can read it here: “In Debt? Dealing With Your Creditors”.

If you wish to know where to get free debt counselling and debt management services you should contact the Money Advice Service.