UK court statistics for 2011

The Judicial Statistics for 2011 were published by the Ministry of Justice at the end of June 2012


In any week last year:

  • 1,141 people were evicted for rent or mortgage debt;
  • 1,500 had a charging order made against them;
  • 2,500 received a visit from bailiffs enforcing a county court judgement;
  • 11,000 individuals had a county court judgement registered against them;
  • 19,151 money claims were issued against defendants.

Money Claims

Money claims were down a further four percent on last year’s figures. Indeed claims for specific amounts, money claims, have fallen to less than a million (995,895) in 2011. As before, the vast majority of these claims were for less than £5,000 – 88 percent and more than one in three claims were for less than £500 – 38 percent.

The report confirms that the number of defences declined by five percent on 2010 figures but does not show the number of defences for money claims. A better indication of the number of defended money claims is to compare the number of claims to the number that proceeded to trial. In 2011 there were 872,404 money claims for less than £5,000 and in the same year 35,022 small claims hearings. So it can be estimated that as few as four percent of money claims under £5,000 proceed as far as a defended trial. For claims over £5,000 the proportion is smaller at two point five percent.


The number of judgements entered by default, admission, or on determination (ie undisputed) for specified money claims in 2011 was 699,059 which represents about 70 percent of the number of claims issued. The Registry Trust registered 567,657 judgements against individuals which again is a slight fall from last year.


In July 2009 a flat fee of £100 for all enforcement except warrants was introduced. The fee for warrants was also increased. The statistics indicate this has resulted in a fall in enforcement applications.

There was a 14 percent reduction in warrants issued in 2011 over 2010 with 129,778 issued. The overall success rate of warrants improved in 2011. In 2010 it was 22p in the £ but in 2011 it was 35p in the £. However the telling statistic is the success rate for “correctly directed warrants” – ie those where the creditor gave the correct address, and the success rate here is 84p in the £ which is also an increase on last year.